Collaborative Creative Workshop
From 07.11.2019 to 07.11.2019 – 06:00 UTC+1
Freedom Park, 1 Hospital Road, Broad Street, Lagos Island

Lagos, Nigeria

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The Event

It’s 2070, and Lagos has transcended it’s problems. The city works, the citizens thrive, and have succeeded in turning a riotous mega city into a beacon of hope for not just the West African sub region, but for the whole of humanity. The evidence of this urban transcendence is palpable- in universal healthcare, advanced transportation systems, responsive and adaptive urban infrastructure systems, food security, environmental sustainability, low crime rates and a rich culture scene that serves the intellectual needs of the city’s fifty million people.
Writers, architects, technologists, scientists, economists, futurists, artists, urbanists and very well anyone who can imagine a positive outcome for the city of Lagos are being invited to unravel the mystery together through a series of reminiscences, from the points of view of some of the key players imagined to have enabled the transformation through their own agency, or the efforts of others.
LAGOS 2070: TRANSCENDENCE is a sequel to the LAGOS_2060 project, initiated by Design And Dream Art Enterprises in 2010 and which featured a workshop that resulted in an anthology of science fiction stories published by DADA books in 2013. The sequel will birth literature and digital media content through an open source process. The November 7th event will introduce the project and its creative process, as well as kick off the collaborative world building process.
This process would be mediated through a year long series of pop up workshops and online interactions holding from November 2019 till November 2020, the first of which will hold on Thursday 7th November 2019, at the 21st Lagos Book & Art Festival.
LAGOS_2070: TRANSCENDENCE aligns greatly with the festival theme, as nation states grapple with challenging changes in the climate, in politics and in the global economy, a lot of imagination, resilience and knowledge driven efforts would be required to achieve transcendence. LAGOS 2070: TRANSCENDENCE seeks to provide a platform for thought experiments that can aid this transformation.

Relation to TRANS-

Science fiction often defaults to dystopia. The dreary nature of politics, the human condition and the need for drama tends to dictate this. But what if science fiction could be wielded as a tool for envisioning positive outcomes as a first step towards actualising those outcomes. What if Lagos, one of the most populous cities in the world actually worked really well in the future. What would it take to TRANSCEND the city’s problems?

The Organizer(s)

The Lagos Book & Art Festival is the longest running art festival organized by the foremost culture platform in Nigeria, the CORA Art & Cultural Foundation.
LAGOS_2070: TRANSCENDENCE is curated by Design & Dream Arts Enterprises, publishers of the LAGOS_2060 anthology via the DADA books imprint.


How can we get out of a 'digital' that is too greedy and not resilient enough? How can we learn to do more with less and accept that things may not have to be 'infinite' and always 'more' (as 'it is not the digital we want, but the one we can afford')? Can we rethink our relationship to material, objects and digital and create a feeling of attachement towards those to help with life cycles? Is it possible to reset and start fresh, to deconstruct to better rebuild? And, what is the impact of the society on the digital and not only the digital on the society; what is in our power? Can we accept a form of renunciation?


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